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We’ll supply you with the perfect lawn for your space and budget. We’ll provide you premium synthetic lawns of the highest quality. Plus, we’ll supply you with superior customer service and peace of mind.


Kick back and relax, we’re here to do the work for you. We’ll install and finish your lawn with minimal disturbance and maximum professionalism. Don’t worry, we have it covered.

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Peace, quiet and tranquility go hand in hand with gardens and outdoor spaces. Your experience with Grass Ain’t Grass will be no different.

About Us

It’s still greener on the other side.
It’s just not grass.

Grass Ain’t Grass are a proudly local one stop shop for synthetic lawns.

We supply and install throughout all of Perth.

Premium quality, highly durable and environmentally friendly products

Grass Ain’t Grass makes sure our products withstand and suit the unique – though harsh – weather of Perth City, Western Australia.

Thinking about synthetic grass as an option for you?

Then you probably know that synthetic lawns have to be a triple threat.

1. They have to be aesthetically rich and natural.

2. They have to be durable.

It’s important that your lawn can withstand the environment. Whether that means lighting, the weather or the amount of activity, your lawn needs to be tough.

3. They have to be worth it.

Ultimately you want to save money and the environment, so it’s important you make the right decisions when it comes to installing a lawn. It should be made to custom fit your area or space, but it should also be made to fit your budget.

That means you need to hire someone you can rely on, afford and most importantly someone you can trust.

Grass Ain’t Grass are the answer.

What We Do:

– Help you find the right product to best fit your area/space and budget.
– We can plan, arrange and/or manage the project of your lawn area/space, depending on your needs.
– We’ll install it for you too! In fact, we’ll basically take care of everything for you.
– All of our products come with our guaranteed premium service. Our products come with warranty and ongoing, personal advice to help the upkeep of your luscious new lawn. We strive for a ‘no prickles’ experience, we aim to work professionally, in an organised manner to the highest standard.

Have you been thinking about switching to synthetic lawn? Check out our diverse range of products – something for every area, need and budget.

Lawn Types

The name says it all. Wonderful is premium quality and perfect for all weather and lighting conditions. Designed to retain it’s shape, the Wonderful W Blade means it can withstand harsh conditions and the test of time. It has a natural green color with a soft touch. Perfect for kids. Specs: 35mm/W Blade/18900.
Similar to Wonderful, Spring is designed to retain it’s shape and remain tough. Spring can withstand the unpredictably harsh Perth weather. Spring is better suited to display areas, or small, shady areas in any kind of space. Spring will bring your space to life and glow through the dark shade. Spring can transform your space, making it appear bigger and brighter. It’s recommended you see the display the model to ensure this color is right for you and your space. 35mm/W Blade/18900.
Buffalo is perfect for anyone looking for something that looks and feels the most like a real lawn. The Buffalo blade has no shine, so you won’t be able to tell the difference. Perfect for all areas, the Buffalo is an effortless natural look for any kind of area. However, we recommend the Buffalo is better suited to areas with low-medium traffic to maximize its lifespan. 35mm/Stem Blade/16800.
The Verge is an affordable lawn with amazing ability. Perfect for verges, the Verge has a high brown curl. Combined with a deep green, this lawn creates a stunning visual effect, suited to any area facing any kind of weather or lighting conditions.
If you’re after an affordable option, Budget’s stem blade and lighter green color make it the perfect choice for those looking to install the grass themselves. Whether you’re a first timer wanting to give it a go, or merely looking for a premium quality product at the lowest price, Budget can transform your lawn without having to make a compromise with quality. 28mm/Stem Blade/?.
Unlike other putting green installers, we provide a 16mm blade, which allows for an easier, better join. We can install your putting green with ease and supply the highest quality synthetic lawn. Our products withstand the temperamental Perth weather and can be customised to fit any area by one of our professionals. 16mm/?/?.
Designed specifically for active areas like sports fields and child care centers, Multi Play’s innovative technology means this lawn reflects the most of the sun’s heat. This means Multi Play is perfect for active, high-traffic areas, particularly in the warmer weather. Even better, Multi Play is also a fantastic affordable option, so you can stay cool, too! It’s worth getting in touch with us if you’d like to learn more and see if this product is right for you, your area and your budget.

One Stop Shop

No Prickles’ Policy
It’s still greener on the other side.
It’s just not grass.

1. We’ll recommend you the right product for your area/space.
Even better, we’ll work with you to make sure you we can go above and beyond within your given budget.

2. We’ll tell you everything you need to know to ensure you get the most out of your new lawn.
Synthetic lawns do require maintenance if they are to meet the intended lifespan.
Grass Ain’t Grass will teach you how to make the most out of your lawn, saving you money.

3. We’re committed to delivering high quality service.
That means professional, experienced staff; an organized, tidy and efficient working environment; tailored products and services to meet your needs.
Grass Ain’t Grass always provide reliable, prompt and considerate service – no matter if you’re a customer, a client, making an inquiry or seeking advice.

Our premium quality of service is standard across all of the work we do.

Small areas to large spaces and everything in between.
No matter if you’re looking for something natural/environmentally friendly,
or something specifically designed for high levels of activity and harsh conditions, we’re here to help.
You’re our priority and we want your space to look and feel the best it can.
We’re committed to being a One Stop Shop.
We understand you want to pay less, stress less and save more.
We’re determined to make that happen.

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